Interested in starting something new in your community? Would you like to use your talents and expertise to help with something you care about? Learn more about how to get involved, find others who share your interests and passions, sign up for a service project, and learn where volunteers are needed in your community.

Get involved. Get engaged. Make a difference!

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We promote volunteering

We raise awareness of the value of volunteering. Through volunteer fairs, media campaigns and speakers, bureaus, we encourage people to volunteer and provide information about volunteering. We promote National Days of Service, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Make a Difference Day, National Family Volunteer Day, and Join Hands Day. We show appreciation to community volunteers through a variety of recognition awards and programs.

We connect people with opportunities to serve

The FirstLink Volunteer Network provides easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations and local government agencies serving the entire community. We link people who want to help – individuals, families, students, businesses and their employees, civic, community, and faith-based organizations – with places or issues where their time, talents and interests can be utilized effectively.

Provide professional volunteer management training

We help agencies, businesses, and others who work with volunteers build their skills in recruiting, managing, retaining and recognizing their volunteers. We provide volunteer management training and consultation, share volunteer management resource information, and provide training and support for specialized groups of volunteers

Be the crucial link in connecting nonprofits, businesses, and community members together to improve volunteerism

Volunteer Networks serve as a convener for the community and catalyst for action. We work with agencies, city government, businesses, schools, law enforcement, grassroots groups and community leaders to identify needs and mobilize volunteer response. We address such diverse but critical community issues such as youth violence, disaster response, illiteracy, homelessness, hunger, senior citizens, domestic violence, accessibility, and inclusiveness. Our knowledge of our community bring people together across different walks of life to solve problems.