Part Time Call Specialist


Call Specialist staff will provide crisis intervention, listening and support, and information and referral services while answering FirstLink’s 24-Hour Helpline, Crisis Lines and The Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


–     Experience in customer service, call centers, human services, or crisis intervention

–     Preferred experience: FirstLink volunteer or intern


–     High School Diploma or GED

–     Preferred: previous or current coursework in Human Services Field

Essential Job Functions

  • Provide direct service
    • Answer call as necessary
    • Work rotating weekends, overnights, and holidays
    • Ability to work shifts that are needed to be filled
    • Assure that all calls statistics are documented per policy during shift
    • Provide peer facilitation as needed
    • Maintain accurate records
    • Perform essential public services during and following local disasters
  • Agency support service
    • Attend monthly staff meetings
    • Attend other trainings as required
    • Assist Helpline personnel with various tasks as needed
    • Assist with special events as needed
    • Regular cleaning and maintenance tasks
    • Pass Quarterly Test as required
  • Administrative support services
    • To perform all acts necessary or incidental to the operations of Information and Crisis Services
    • Perform all other duties as assigned
  • Requirements
    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • Maintain a positive professional attitude and working environment
    • Demonstrated experience in the area of crisis intervention
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Basic computer experience
    • Ability to work holidays as needed
    • Ability to work at least one weekend overnight per month
    • Abide by FirstLink’s code of ethics
    • Comply with all state and federal regulations
    • Ability to work extra during times of disaster as needed.
    • Work at least 10 hours per pay period ( approximately 2 weeks)

General Description

The Administrative Assistant will provide program support for all of FirstLink programs, especially management support. This position will comply with program policies, national standards, and maintenance of appropriate records. This position will answer FirstLink’s 24 hour Helpline, Crisis Line and Suicide Line providing crisis intervention, listening and support, and information and referral services.

Work experience requirements

–     Two or more years of experience in customer service and office assistance

–     Experience in crisis intervention or call centers

Education requirements

–     High School Degree (Prefer Associates Degree)

Essential Job Functions


  • Answer FirstLink’s administrative phone and direct service to callers reaching FirstLink through the 2-1-1 Helpline, Crisis Lines, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and referrals.
  • Assist with the Giving Tree of Hope program
  • Recruit and schedule Giving Tree, Collection, and Distribution volunteers and sponsors
  • Assist with the Giving Tree sponsor registration
  • Schedule meetings with agencies, and other duties as assigned
  • Works with Program Development Coordinator and Program Development Call Specialist to promote, plan and work event
  • Provide support for FirstLink fundraising
    • Assist with annual fundraiser
  • Promote FirstLink
    • Assist with marketing material for FirstLink such as press releases, brochures, websites, etc…
    • Assist with the coordination and marketing of FirstLink sponsored trainings and events
  • Build FirstLink’s capacity by recruiting, scheduling, and recognizing FirstLink volunteers
    • Be one of FirstLink’s connections to volunteers during disasters and Giving Tree of Hope
    • Coordinate volunteers for all necessary FirstLink events
  • Assist during disasters
  • Schedule volunteers in the event of a disaster
  • Assist as needed before, during and following local disasters
  • Support FirstLink’s general services
    • Attend trainings as required
    • Attend all staff and committee meetings relevant to position
    • At staff, Board and other meetings take detailed minutes and distribute in a timely manner
    • Provide support for Management as needed
    • Purchase and organize supplies, as needed
    • Organize all FirstLink Staff paperwork (e.g., new hire work)
  • Perform all other duties as assigned



  • Maintain a professional attitude and working environment
  • Demonstrated expertise in customer service and crisis intervention
  • Nonprofit organization experience
  • Strong organizational skills- Office 365, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to work evening and weekend hours, as necessary
  • Manage volunteers in their program/area of expertise
  • Comply with all State, Federal, and Organization policies regulations
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • Helping an organizing special events
  • Experience in public speaking and presenting
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