Community Information:

FirstLink’s database of community resources contains primarily nonprofit agencies, health and human services agencies, and government resources.  You can search the database by clicking below on the “Community Resources” link.

Criteria for Inclusion

The agencies/programs in our database must meet the following criteria:

  1. Government or non-profit agencies providing a community service (no attempt will be made to list all governmental agencies or departments)
  2. Organizations (such as churches, social clubs) which offer a service to the community at large, not just their own members
  3. Self-help support groups
  4. Elected representatives (federal, state, and local)
  5. Hospitals, health clinics, assisted living facilities
  6. Organizations outside of our geographic parameters which provide a service not available locally, but available to the residents of the areas that we serve,
  7. Advocacy groups
  8. 800 lines, if they can be accessed by our service area, and if they offer some sort of social or community service

Individuals in private practice (such as physicians and psychologists) and for-profit businesses shall not be included unless they meet the following criteria:

  1. They provide a service in the areas of health, education, social service, recreation, legal, or consumer protection; and
  2. The individual or for-profit business pays an agreed upon fee per year.
  3. For-profit organizations are considered on an individual basis.

If a for-profit organization or private practitioner is offering a free service to the community, the free service may be listed in the resource file but not services for which a fee is charged unless it meets the criteria above.

If no service-area organization provides a needed service, a national organization providing the service may be listed.

Quality of Service

FirstLink does not evaluate the quality of services provided by organizations in the resource file.  If FirstLink Call Specialists are asked to choose the “best agency” in a particular field, they will remain a neutral party.  The Call Specialist will assist the caller with a variety of appropriate agencies and will provide relevant information about fees, location, services provided, availability of interpreters, etc.  which might help the caller make such selections.

 If complaints about an organization are made by callers, FirstLink will:

  1. Inform the caller of the appropriate agency to handle the complaint;
  2. If a significant number of similar and serious complaints are received about an organization, FirstLink reserves the right to remove the agency from the database. Prior to removal, the Database and Resource Specialist will investigate using the methods described below in the section on questionable practices.

Controversial Activities

Some organizations provide services or advocate on issues which may be controversial in nature.  Information about an organization’s policies, views, or issues which will assist potential consumers in selecting a resource should be included in that agency’s record in the database.  Examples of this type of information include religious observances which are required in order to obtain services or the organization’s points of view on issues.

Whenever possible, the database should include organizations which represent a variety of points of view on any given issue in order to provide callers with a choice of options.

Organizations Which Engage in Fraudulent or Questionable Practices

Organizations which may be defrauding the public, violating laws or engaging in questionable fundraising or administrative practices shall not be listed in the database.  If there is a question of the legitimacy of any organization, FirstLink will base its decision regarding inclusion/exclusion on information obtained from many sources, including government bodies and other organizations providing the same service.

FirstLink’s Rights

FirstLink reserves the right to edit information to meet their format, guideline, and space requirements.

FirstLink reserves the right to exclude an organization from the database whenever it deems necessary to retain quality service and to properly meet its mission.

Note:  Inclusion of an agency or organization does not imply endorsement by FirstLink, nor does exclusion imply non-endorsement.