I Can Almost See the Finish Line!

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In this picture, Leola is at the Boulder Resviour (Sp) this is where she will swim and then bike!


Leola’s participation in the Ironman Triathlon in Boulder, Colorado is this weekend, August 3rd! She arrived in Boulder, Colorado Sunday night, 27th.  Leola feels very fortunate to be able to participate in this Triathlon.  She is excited and nervous, but feeling more and more prepared every day she is there.   Leola’s commitment and dedication is inspiring and she could not do it without the support from Scott’s family, her family, friends, and YOU! Let her know you are supporting and cheering her on:

  • by sharing this information with someone,
  • making a donation
  • calling the organizations she is partnering with if you have questions
  • keeping her in your prayers as she trains and competes!

If you wish to follow how she is doing, “My number is 1227, you may be able to track me on Ironman.com.”  

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