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211 is a nationwide resource that connects local citizens anywhere in the country to the human service or government resources that can best assist them. The reason 211 continues to grow in communities all across the United States year after year is because it helps people meet their basic needs in an easy, fast, and confidential manner.

Asking for help can be hard. Finding the right person to ask can be even harder. 211 allows people to call one number to find organizations in their community that can help them with anything from food baskets to help paying rent.

Another reason for 211’s success is that there are 246 call centers throughout the United States that are each extremely knowledgeable about the resources in their service area. When you need help in your community it’s nice to be able to consult a local resource for help.

FirstLink is proud to answer the 211 Helpline for all of North Dakota and Clay County Minnesota. We are a local nonprofit that has a personal relationship with the referral agencies in our database. When residents call FirstLink they will have the ability to get connected with over 5,500 nonprofits that we currently have in our database.

In addition to getting connected to nonprofit organizations that can help callers meet their basic needs, anyone can also call FirstLink for listening and support. We all have bad days and need someone to be there for us. Callers enjoy having an empathetic listening ear waiting to hear from them 24 hours a day.








Reasons you can call 211:

Abuse / Assault Employment Healthcare Substance Abuse
Addictions Faith Communities Libraries Suicide
Basic Needs Financial Assistance Mental Health Support Groups
Disability Food Assistance Parenting Transportation
Disaster Assistance Gambling Recreation Volunteering
Emergency Assistance Grief Senior Centers Youth Programs





  • Nora Evans says:

    I am 65 years old with Medicare only. I am in need of a wheelchair ramp and a stair lift for my home as my only bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. I also have steps outside to enter my home. Thank you!

    • Emily C says:

      Please call our helpline for assistance. They can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 2-1-1 or 701-235-7335.
      Thank you!

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