What Volunteer Management Trainings Mean to Us

FirstLink’s Volunteer Network works almost exclusively to help other nonprofits. We help them get connected to volunteers. We hold events to help volunteer coordinators and nonprofits get connected and learn from each other. We enjoy being able to help and our favorite thing is when we work with a nonprofit to help them improve their volunteer program by presenting our volunteer management trainings. FirstLink has a 12 topic training program that can be tailored to a nonprofit’s specific needs.

Some of the topics include Volunteer Recruitment, Volunteer Recognition, and Volunteer Job Descriptions. You may be wondering why this means so much to us. The great thing about being able to offer these trainings is that we fill a great need that nonprofits otherwise would have to figure out on their own. We have learned so much from other organizations that we have done trainings for that we can share insights and experiences from those organizations. These insights are invaluable to volunteer coordinators because they are so busy sometimes that they cannot meet and learn from others and have to figure out the best way to do their job on their own.

We use what we learn from others and we do our best to keep improving volunteerism in our community.  We love being able to provide these trainings and the great thing is that organization can pick the topics that will be most beneficial to their program. If you are ever interested in having us do a volunteer management training for you organization, please contact David or Emily at 701-293-6462 or davidv@myfirstlink.org or emilyc@myfirstlink.org. Read below what some participants have had to say about the volunteer management trainings!


“Emily and David, you provided us with a wonderful volunteer training packet.  You made me so much more aware of the depth to obtaining volunteers and the packet will be so helpful when composing forms and needing information.  This training was very much appreciated!”

“Thank you so much for coming to IPAT to conduct the volunteer training.  The two of you did an awesome job and the modules will be extremely valuable to us as we start our volunteer program here at IPAT.”

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