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By March 7, 2016FirstLink

Meet us Monday is a monthly blog we do to introduce you to our amazing staff. Today, FirstLink would like to introduce you to Emily Carpenter, Program Development Specialist at FirstLink.

Tell us about yourself: 

I am a North Dakota girl through and through. I love the small towns and the sense of community. I love having all 4 seasons and am one of those people that loves snow and cold! I could live without the windchill though! I grew up in Kindred, ND (Go Vikings!), a small town about a half hour southwest of Fargo where my graduating class had 41 students. I proudly attended North Dakota State University (Go Bison!)  where I obtained two degrees. A BS in Sociology and a BS in Human Development and Family Science. I have always wanted to help people for a living and FirstLink has been a great job for me to do that.

What is your role at FirstLink and how long have you worked here?

My title recently changed to Program Development Specialist, as FirstLink has made some changes for 2016. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades when it comes to FirstLink. I have my hand in almost everything we do here at FirstLink. I manage all of our social media. I am a certified trainer in safeTALK and Youth Mental Health First Aid and do trainings when I can for the community. I am an event planner, helping to plan events such as our Annual Breakfast, Suicide Awareness Silent Auction, various trainings, and heading up our Marathon Charity team. We work very collaboratively at FirstLink and I help with a variety of events and planning. When I am not doing all of that I help our Resource and Database team keep our database of resources up to date. As I mentioned, I have a hand in almost everything we do here at FirstLink! I have been with FirstLink for 2 years in February.

What do you enjoy most about your work at FirstLink?

The thing I love most about my job is the variety. No two days are ever the same for me at FirstLink and it keeps me motivated and on my toes. I also love that at the core, my job is about giving back and making a difference for others. It is a very rewarding job. The great thing about our phone services is that there is someone there 24 hours a day. I think it is so important because crisis doesn’t always happen between 8-5 when help is available and it is great that our call specialists can be there anytime of day for our callers.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: 

I was born 2 months early and weighed 2lbs 11oz at birth. My brother likes to call me the miracle baby!

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I am a complete movie nerd! I love movies and cinematography and pop culture, so I tend to spend a lot of time watching and going to movies! I am great at remembering actors and movie quotes and a lot of my friends turn to me to answer movie questions because I can usually rattle off who that actor was or what movie that was. I also enjoy spending time with my family and try to get home every week to see my parents. I am also a bit of a fitness junkie and love going to the gym. I am by no means a fit, fitness junkie but I am working on getting more in shape. I also love to travel and every chance my best friend and I get, we are booking trips. My favorite place in the US is Chicago and my favorite place in Europe so far is Ireland!

People would be surprised if they knew: 

I am deathly afraid of sharks and am convinced if I ever set foot in the ocean past my knees that I will be attacked, but my favorite week of TV is Shark Week. I can’t explain it but I cannot get enough. Maybe I figure if I learn enough about them, they won’t seem so scary!



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