2018 Database Recap

By January 17, 2019FirstLink

2018 was a great year for the FirstLink Database and Resource Team! Our team, which in previous years consisted of 2 individuals, grew to a trio. With an extra pair of hands on deck, we’ve seen a big increase in productivity to assure that we’re adding new services to meet the needs of our coverage area and to stay on top of updating all services listed annually.

Our goal in the latter half of 2018 was to seek out and add new services related to substance use and behavioral health. In fact, we’ve moved beyond the limits held by only listing non-profit organizations, to now also listing for-profit services specifically related to substance use and behavioral health. With this change, we’ve found that many of the for-profit organizations we’ve listed are very flexible and willing to work with individuals to help them find success in their journey towards recovery.

Not only did the FirstLink Database Team become a trio in 2018, but we are excited to have hit triple digits in the number of services added as well! We added an incredible 123 programs for our callers (and now texters!) to be able to connect with. That number doesn’t entirely reflect the efforts of our team, as we also have nearly 3 dozen resources that we are actively researching and reaching out to in order to get listed in the database right away in the New Year!

2018 has been an exceptional year, and we are committed to achieving even more in the next 12 months.

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